3CCT SWITCHABLE 15~50W Commercial Downlight

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Main feature

●CCT switchable option, 3000K & 4000K & 6000K
●Interchangeable reflector among different shapes and beam angles.
●L, N x 2 push terminal for wiring
●Built out non flickering isolated driver
●High light efficiency ≥105lm/W



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Power Code Dimming mode Size(A*B) Cut Out Lumen Efficacy
15W 5RS084 SCR/DALI/0~10V 150*68mm φ130-135mm ≥105 lm/W
18W 5RS130 SCR/DALI/0~10V
20W 5RS133 SCR/DALI/0~10V
25W 5RS134 SCR/DALI/0~10V
20W 5RS121 SCR/DALI/0~10V 172*69mm φ150-165mm ≥105 lm/W
25W 5RS122 SCR/DALI/0~10V
30W 5RS135 SCR/DALI/0~10V
35W 5RS136 SCR/DALI/0~10V
40W 5RS137 DALI/0~10V
30W 5RS123 SCR/DALI/0~10V 228*88mm φ200-210mm ≥105 lm/W
35W 5RS124 SCR/DALI/0~10V
40W 5RS138 DALI/0~10V
45W 5RS139 DALI/0~10V
50W 5RS140 DALI/0~10V


Introduction to the Lediant LED Commercial Downlight

With profound experience in domestic LED downlight over the past years, Lediant is now endeavouring to create LED Downlight for commercial use, backed by strong R&D team, marketing analysis and partnership with several big brands around the world, our commercial downlights are featured with many premium and convenient designs, such as CCT, adjustable beam angle, high light efficiency, fire-rated, CRI>90, IC-F, as well as customized designs with different materials, which make our downlight an ideal choice in places such as malls, corridors, conference rooms, lobbies, and large offices. Our downlights are available with many different color temperatures and lumen options to fit any project, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, allowing you to light larger commercial spaces with great ease.

Our Slogan: Install It and Forget It!

Features & Benifits (Die-casting Tri-color Commercial Downlight):

. Changeable color temperature (CCT) with patented trailing edge: 3000K 4000K & 6000K;

. Premium external constant current power driver, safe and reliable;

. SMD light source, evenly arranged, reflective cup with perfect optical design, uniform light spot. Note: reflectors with various beam angles and designs are available, usually featured with spiral design, reflectors can be replaced according to your preferences.

. Highly effective heat sink, which provides a cool working environment for LED;

. Support DALI dimming;

. Quality assurance, 5 Year Warranty . 

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